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presenting the new seaside collection

The new Seaside Collection by Pacific &Rose is now available for summer! Named for the pretty little shop called Seaside Gallery where you can find these goodies, the Seaside Collection...

The new Seaside Collection by Pacific &Rose is now available for summer! Named for the pretty little shop called Seaside Gallery where you can find these goodies, the Seaside Collection epitomizes all that we love about summer.

From waves and sea creatures to anchors and palm trees, this is what a coastal summer is all about. Of course, I’m thrilled with the fun table linens, but there are also a selection of pretty sarongs, robes and pillows to get excited for!

I’m going to cover it all for you, starting with the gorgeous and dramatic Indigo Wave pattern.

For this fireside table, I started with the Indigo Wave Tablecloth and matching napkins. To add to the coastal charm of this look, I made sure to use several accessories with a natural woven texture, like the placemats, napkin rings and vase.

White plates really set off the beauty of this indigo color, and a handful of pink hydrangeas from the garden really pop against the navy-blue table.

What’s so wonderful about the Seaside Collection is the ease in which we can mix and match the patterns. Here you can see how amazing the crisp white Blue Anchor Napkins look with the Wave Tablecloth.

Here’s a quick look at some of the beautiful products available in the Indigo Blue pattern.

The Blue Anchor print is both chic and playful. This poolside setting shows you just how perfect this look is for outdoor entertaining, pool parties, and graduation parties.

Again, natural textures play a key role in accentuating this nautical pattern. Hydrangeas once again add just the right amount of color to the table.

I love how the Blue Anchor Tablecloth and Blue Anchor napkins look here for a matching look.

Now we switch out the matching napkins for the adorable Red Crab Napkins. Do you spot the coordinating pillows?

I love how it all looks together, and the pillows can make their way from accenting your table to brightening up your sofa.


I also wanted to show you how the Blue Anchor Tablecloth looks with the Indigo Wave Napkins. It’s great pattern play, while keeping with the same navy-blue and white theme.

The Blue Anchor pattern is a true classic. This will never go out of style, and will always look as fresh and summery as the day you got them. Imagine this look for a Memorial Day gathering or 4th of July party.

Poolside in this fun sarong is what I have in mind for the upcoming holiday weekend!

Next, we have the whimsical Red Crab Tablecloth. I moved my table over just a bit to get a better view of the cottage garden.

This lively coastal print doesn’t have to be relegated to a beach house. As you can see here, it’s a fun print for anywhere you desire to entertain, whether its outdoors or in.

I love the wave pattern border on the tablecloth and the pretty chevron border on the matching Red Red Crab Napkins.

The attention to detail is outstanding with these hand block-printed textiles.

And this pattern is so perfect for those summer birthdays that fall between June 21st and July 22nd under the Zodiac sign of Cancer the Crab.

I think this Red Crab is the cutest pattern ever for summer!

The Palm Tree pattern isn’t officially part of the Seaside Collection, but it’s a perfect companion to the three prints that make up the collection.

You may have seen this tablescape on Instagram recently. The blooming of the red trumpet vines was perfect for setting up this stunning alfresco table, thanks to the beautiful Palm Tree Tablecloth and matching Palm Tree Napkins.


To add a bit more color to the table, I also have the option of the pretty Belita Napkin at each place setting.

The paisley and floral pattern of Belita has the most perfect shades of blue, red, pink, green and yellow. I love how the colors tie in to all the garden flowers and foliage.


Another great option for table setting is a table runner, and the Palm Tree Table Runner is THE look for summer! A table set with the runner and matching Palm Tree Placemats and Palm Tree Napkins is a sure winner in my book.

I just love this simplicity of this look with all the focus on the magnificent form of the Palm Tree.

Now that we’ve covered all the patterns, I want to share some of the other new items that are available in this fun Seaside Collection.

You got a peek at the pillows earlier at the Blue Anchor alfresco table, but here they are in my living room. From left to right, we have the Red Crab, the Indigo Wave and the Blue Anchor.

Select a print or all three to add a definite touch of summer to any room!

Here’s a peek at the beautiful kitchen towels. These are surely to brighten up any kitchen.

I love the Blue Anchor ones for my home. Since my son will be graduating from high school in a few weeks, and their mascot is the sailors, this Anchor print supports our school spirit in the prettiest way.

The Palm Tree pattern is also available as kitchen towels in addition to Indigo Wave, Blue Anchor and Red Crab.

Here's a look at the new pareos, also known as sarongs from the Seaside Collection. They're so versatile, and can be wrapped in dozens of fun ways.

Pacific & Rose also carries an exclusive new collection of pareos at Seaside Gallery. Pictured here with the Palm Tree style, are the Umbria pattern in Olive, Blue and Mustard.

Made from an ultra-soft and light cotton voile, Pacific & Rose’s newest robe in the chic Palm Tree print is extra long (perfect for us tall girls), so comfortable and my must-have for summer.

It’s my go to wrap for a cute look in the morning while blogging and sipping coffee!


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